Pulsar Europe

Ireland’s distributor for ATA mirror taximeters and Gleike & Primus range of  taximeters.

and PlugAndPlayTaxi(tm) systems.

We also  supply ATA printers for the Gleike & Primus  taxi meter series.

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The worlds most advanced taxi meter  is on sale, which can also connect to the


Early 2014

PLUG AND PLAY, simply plugs into any car, and is up and running in 30 seconds,

out of the box !. No installer needed.

If you can plug a kettle into a wall socket you can install this meter, no skill 

needed...its that simple, see our taximeter shop link for updates.

No install fees !, no more refit fees !.


ATA build taximeters to give an average lifetime of up to 15 years, and have the

lowest failure rate in the industry, only ISO  long-life components  are used. As

they say buy cheap buy twice.

The mirror taximeter that thinks its a smart-phone ! The only Mirror Meter on the market that really does look like a rear view mirror ! and not like a taximeter stuck on your rear-view mirror. VAT Included You can claim the VAT back.  Mirror Meter + silent thermal printer
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Every Mirror meter sold from today is pre configured for self install. Also the time can be adjusted remotely ! Remote diagnostics as standard.

2016 advanced technology today...

NEWS: 20/02/2014
Mirror taxi meters