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Q & A :  Q: Will GoPro work with any taxi meter  A: GoPro was designed to work with the ATA range of taxi meters, as they are the most technically advanced meters on the market.  However GoPro should work with most taximeters made in Europe, but for many reasons too long to go into here GoPro will NOT work with taximeters manufactured outside of the (EU) European zone, for instance such as Turkey, so simply check where your taximeter is manufactured and future proof yourself.   Q: Will GoPro work with my existing roof sign.  A: GoPro will  work with a genuine AirGlide roof sign or a low cost conversion Kit that that can be purchased from the same guys who make Airglide roof signs or their registered agents. But as there are a huge number of Airglide roof signs out there you should be ok, just ask the person you purchased it from. if its a genuine Airglide.  Q: My meter installer told me I need a  canbus for my car! it costs 200 to 300  A: GoPro V3 has one built in and costs a fraction of the price
GoPro allows you to install a taximeter and roof sign yourself, no technical skills are needed, you simply connect a few wires and your up and running, Its as easy as plugging a kettle into a socket. ( international patent )
GoPro the biggest revolution in the taxi meter industry in the past 50 years
A list of product testing partners: www.taxicare.ie www.incartechnology.com KP Taxis Ltd

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